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Geomorphology in support of archaelogy and urban planning (the case of Sherbrooke city)

Poly-Geo’s geomorphologists are experts in natural landscapes, which they decode and depict with the help of maps, aerial photographs and digital terrain models (LiDAR). They are specialists in multi-date analysis, using aerial photography databases to reconstruct how environments evolve, whether natural or built. Keywords :  Geomorphology / Archaelogy / sherbrooke

Photo aérienne de la ville de sherbrooke en 1945Photo aérienne de la ville de sherbrooke en 2013

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In built environments, the geomorphologist’s expertise can be used to support archaeological research and land use planning. This was the reason that the City of Sherbrooke retained the services of Poly-Geo to:

  • document the natural setting of the original site of the city, at the confluence of the Magog and Saint-François rivers;
  • reconstruct the various phases of site development from the middle of the 19th century onward.

By carefully examining old maps and sets of aerial photographs dating back to the early 1930s, we were able to :

  • identify natural surfaces that remained intact – alluvial terraces on the shores of the Saint-François River – with high prehistoric archaeology potential (1);
  • subdivide the study area into some fifty zones based on the degree of ground disturbance and the relative age of the various phases of land use.
Carte des cla
This map was generated by Ethnoscop based on the data produced by Poly-Géo inc.

This type of study serves as a valuable tool for archaeologists in developing survey strategies and focusing the search for traces of human occupation. It also guides decision-makers in their land use planning and development work.

(1) In 2013, a remarkable archaeological site from the Paleoindian period (11,600 to 9,000 BP) was discovered on the banks of the Saint-François River, in Brompton, about 10 km downstream from Sherbrooke.
Keywords : Geomorphology / Archaelogy / Sherbrooke

For further information on the Brompton archeological site, view the video produced by Kruger Inc.

Poly-Géo regularly conducts such analyses to assist specialists in their many and various projects.

For more information on this topic, please refer to our service section or contact us.

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