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Observations and measurements from field surveys are used to validate the preliminary photo-interpretation and acquire additional information to refine and further develop the analysis.

Field surveys / Sampling / Erosion

Surficial materials study

  • Description of surficial deposits (nature, grain size, thickness, stratigraphy)
  • Peat depth measurements
  • Sampling for analysis and laboratory testing
  • Soil resistivity measurements

Environmental and stream dynamics study

  • Stream characterization (width, depth, and bank and bed composition)
  • Assessment of bank and slope dynamics (erosion process and rate)
  • Installation of control stations (monitoring of stream bank evolution)
  • Plant and wildlife surveys
  • Slope and terrain profile measurement

Support for field activities

  • Measurements for material volume estimates (pits/quarries, landslides)
  • Marking-off (borrow pit limits, trails, etc.)
  • Work planning and supervision (bank protection works, road/trail siting)

Keywords: Field surveys / Sampling / Erosion

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