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Our experts digitize the information using cartography software (Geographical Information Systems, GIS) and drafting software. If necessary, they orthorectify the aerial photographs using photogrammetry software. The vector data produced is structured and compiled in databases.

The resulting documents – maps, figures, plans, sketches, photomontages – represent a range of natural and human geographical phenomena, such as the distribution of surficial materials and landforms, the dynamics of the environment (stream bank erosion, delta migration, slope stability) and changes in land use (e.g., borrow pit operating limits).

Various types of geographic data can be combined to produce customized tools that facilitate geospatial analysis such as the assessment of stream bank sensitivity to erosion, calculation of cut-and-fill volumes, and mapping of potential aquifers.

We can export our cartography products in most industry GIS formats and create tailored visualization and utilization files that meet our client’s needs (e.g., MapInfo, ArcGIS, AutoCAD Map).

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