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High-resolution digital aerial photographs are valuable tools for documenting the evolution of natural environments. Geomorphologists use them to analyse river dynamics and shoreline erosion, among other things.

The comparison of these aerial photos taken over a five-year period highlights the coastal dynamics along a river in Northern Canada and shows:

  • Several tens of metres of shorline retreat (outlined in red);
  • More than 150 metres of sandbank migration (outlined in yellow) and the resulting displacement of a navigation channel (symbolized by the blue arrow).
Erosion Chisasibi banc de sable 2012Erosion Chisasibi banc de sable 2017

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Poly-Géo frequently conducts such analyses to document shoreline erosion and sedimentation and assess the resulting impact on wildlife habitat, public safety and infrastructure integrity.

For more information on this topic, see our service section or download our technical leaflets.

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